The Unraveling of Donald J. Trump

The most depressing thing about the careening White House is the way that many Republican lawmakers continue to hope that, eventually, President Trump and his administration will right the ship and return the country to business as usual. What they continue to purposefully ignore, perhaps for their peace of mind or perhaps for their conscience, is that these scandals, these indiscretions, these acts which increasingly border on the illegal—if not the treasonous—are getting worse. They are not getting better.

That is, indeed, Trump’s modus operandi, to up the ante and to increase tension, confusion, or what have you, in order to distract his audience and to complicate the narrative. What’s more, Trump’s recent decisions to fire James Comey and to share classified information with the Russians speak deeply to the President’s inability to act rationally, instead of emotionally. Both decisions indicate the President’s trust in his own gut, optics or strategy be damned, and his need to be the biggest dog in every room he’s in. He fired Comey because Comey refused to pledge loyalty, refused to quiet the Russian investigation, refused to back him up on Trump’s Obama-wiretap claim. A day later, he bragged to the Russians about how much he knows, giving himself credit for the vast and monumental intelligence infrastructure our nation has constructed, only then to prove how much he knows by sharing an incredibly sensitive secret that the Russians had no right to know—a secret we had, as of then, failed to even share with some of our closest allies.

These breaches in our political norms are reaching ever closer to being breaches in our constitutional law. Such a breach, it seems to me, is becoming day by day increasingly inevitable. His actions are, echoing Bob Corker, spinning his administration out of control. And yet, there is no end in sight, and no reason to think such an end is ever coming. It’s only a matter of time until Trump truly goes too far—so far that even the most reticent Republicans will know their damnable place in history if they continue to stand by him.